where will she go, and what shall she do



on the shelf under my record player there’s a box i like to get out every once in a while. my magic purple box housing my magic purple tarot deck has been getting a lot of use lately. maybe because i’m two zero twenty which means i’m teetering somewhere between talking about my adult future and actually living it. maybe because boys are confusing and so am i. but also because of my beautiful friends, who sit with me as i tentatively reach out into their futures, and they let me.

tarot readings are intimate, comforting, terrifying and wonderfully feminine. unlike other forms of divination, the reader and the seeker work together to unravel what the cards want us to know. it’s about vibing and touching and sensing what’s to come and what it is we need to hear. i sat with Charlie outside on the deck with the dogs and gave her a reading. we felt strongly about the way the cards were connected to each other, less clear about how they linked in with what has been bothering her right now. her spread was overwhelmingly positive, and as we discussed what it could all mean i felt like together we were able to access knowledge that no one person can hold alone. tarot feels like a superpower, and all my readings for myself have been hugely significant in my life. The cards told me i felt stifled- i broke up with a toxic high school boyfriend. they told me to be brave, to be risky- i decided to pursue what i love and study books and films. during so many major turning points in my life, i have felt this hidden strength. armed with hazy memories of what’s to come and belief in my own mysticism i feel as though i can make my future come true.

look at your friends. aren’t they magic? look at you. you’re magic too.

lots of love,



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