first impressions: listening in


“something good” is what’s hovering above us when we’re all together. it’s the feeling in the air when aayushi knocks on your door with her tarot box under her arm; it’s the steam that fills the room when charlie’s making you a cup of tea without you ever needing to ask her to. something good is what i’m searching for as i pull myself out of bed every morning – it’s the feeling i need to find my footing. and i find this feeling in my female friendships; in the girls that i know well.

but you don’t know us yet! as “us”, we are aayushi, charlie, and me, maddy. we’re new here. we’ve only just begun to stretch our necks out, standing up on tip toes to see the world ahead. we’re still new – to ourselves, as well as you. we’re still stretching out our fingers, learning to type to you what we love, who we are, and what we know. and at this moment, we’ve still got a lot of getting-to-know-eachother to do.

below is a playlist of songs for you to get to know us. the songs have been piled on top of each other by me and me alone – aayushi and charlie had no input, aside from the peter bjorn and john song which i put in for them, because i know it reminds them of a gossip girl episode. these songs aren’t necessarily indicative of who we are – but they’re songs i can picture us all listening to. whether it’s charlie spinning around her bedroom in her nightie or aayushi curled up at the foot of the bed, these songs are what i hear when i want to fill up our silences. so i’d love for you to listen in as you navigate who we are, and how you know us.

listen to “first impressions” on 8tracks here.


all my love,



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