MONA, clothing, and other conversations

MONA exterior

we came to hobart for a lot of small, specific reasons. i wanted to be here because i see myself in hobart more than any other city i’ve ever been to – i like that it’s small, quite isolated, and almost as close as i can get to the bottom of the world without needing to touch antarctica. charlie loves the mountains, the produce, and the shetland ponies living in the house next door to where we’re staying. aayushi grew up in auckland, so for her, tasmania has been as close she can get to being back in NZ without needing to swim over there.

regardless of all our different feelings for being here, we were all energetic when it came to MONA. for aayushi and i, going to MONA was important to how we know each other. mine and aayushi’s friendship formed around greg taylor’s piece ‘cunts… and other conversations’ (2008-9). we were at a party, filled with a limited amount of people i felt like talking to, so i forced aayushi to sit down with me. aayushi was someone that i’d wanted to be friends with for a while, so this moment was really just me finally demanding her attention. so we talked about what we both referred to as “the vagina wall” – something that turned out to mean a lot to both of us.

13555688_10153724773352896_2105498596_o 2.jpg
‘cunts… and other conservations’. (2008-9). greg taylor

me and aayushi’s friendship formed around this wall. we talked about femaleness as something that’s been left out of history. we both felt that the vagina wall took something that’s missing from history, and forcefully inserted it into the space that it should have already been. talking about this together, at some whatever-ago party, was incredibly important to how we bonded. so seeing this wall standing side by side was really integral to us as close female friends.


going to MONA together was really nice for all of us. i’d already been before, about a year ago, with my family and my ex-boyfriend. this time, it was nice to go over things i’d seen before with new eyes and new feelings. our day at MONA, yesterday, was the day i put the most emphasis on for this trip. i told aayushi and charlie to wear their favourite things, so we could feel our best. below are pictures of us in our nice things, with details and hobart clouds backing us up:





yesterday was full of feeling good in who we are and how we know each other, in nice spaces, in nice things. we sang lucky star all the way home. i hope you all feel good and sing some madonna alongside your best female friends sometime this week.


all my love,


One thought on “MONA, clothing, and other conversations

  1. Hi!
    I’m the owner of the fashion brand Charlie’s top is from (olafdesignsstudio) and I just found your pics when I was googling myself haha. I was wondering if I can repost that picture on my business Instagram account?


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