mountains, trees and waterfalls


i think trees give off happiness. at least they do for me. i think they are a big reason being outside makes me so happy. they stand so strong and powerful but also the slightest breeze will make them move and whisper. they adapt so easily and some are so resilient even fire doesn’t really destroy them. i feel like they represent the type of person i wish i could be.

tasmania is 1/5 protected wilderness. so 1/5 protected trees, plants and bodies of water. this trip was about taking a break from our real lives and remembering how to be happy. so for me i wanted to spend a lot of time with the trees, mountains and rivers. the air bnb we stayed at made this particularly easy, the space was incredible. large windows let in tonnes of natural light and looked out upon a creek, behind which stretched a nature reserve with incredible plants, animals and things to discover. however, to get my full dosage of happiness from the plants i wanted to venture out further than the reserve behind our house. and so did the others.


we went up mount wellington, to waterworks reserve and mount field national park. it was fucking beautiful and i could write some more telling you exactly what we did but really i think the photos say it all. so here are some photos of our nature adventures.

all my love,
charlie xo


lake dobson, mount field national park















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