listening along, across tasmania – grounded but floating, still


whilst living together for around two weeks, we listened to music – a lot. thinking back, i can barely think of any quiet – whether it was from someone’s speakers, finger-tapping on denim, or a hum from the back of someone’s throat, music was always coming from somewhere. driving from the peak of tasmania down to hobart, we listened, we sang – we hummed along the horizon line. making dinner together, doing dishes together, we danced across the kitchen to madonna. we woke up to lust for youth (which, for charlie, is the best way to start the morning). we bounced around, pulling stockings on and pulling hair up to HINDS. and by the time we made it home, we settled down to something quieter – curling up in the corner of the couch with thick socks on, watching the fire burn. altogether, being in tasmania was grounded, but only just. in-between, we danced, we sang – we floated. this playlist tries to emulate this feeling as well as it can. listen in on 8-tracks, here.


all my love,


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