taking Tasmania: (a video)

taking Tasmania: (a video)

committing to this trip meant a commitment to the long-haul. it meant that we were gonna have to drive from Canberra, to Melbourne. it meant that we would then have to step onto a boat from Melbourne to Tasmania, and all the way back around again to get home. at length, it was long – the travel alone was winding, tiring, and completely wearing. but in the midst of this journeying, there were moments to make up for it. in Melbourne, Charlie ate twenty dumplings in one sitting. on the boat, we met an unbelievable man who invited us over to his house on our way through – he lived in the middle of nowhere, with thirty-something ducks, a pig, and a dog that would climb up his leg to curl up on his shoulder as he wandered through the kitchen, making us all coffee. around Hobart, we impulsively drove to the top of Mt. Romney to find nothing but a dirt mound and a good view. at MONA, we saw things we’ve been meaning to see for a long time – (i.e. we spied on David Walsh dancing in fluro trainers). further along the way, we went to a lot of tiny towns with eerie feelings. one place felt like the beginning of an X-files episode for reasons too hard to explain, but the local takeaway sold us some of the best hot chips we’ve ever had, which made up for all the eeriness. in Mt. Field, we found trees; so big we couldn’t get close to pulling our arms around the width of them. we wandered around iced over lakes, looking up at snow-dusted mountain tops. altogether, this trip was both thick, and thin. we had to pull our way through the thickness of the long-haul to live these moments – thin and fleeting; how the best moments always are. this video is a compilation of the thick and thin; of how we took Tasmania. it’s set to the song Bamboo by Hinds: http://www.hindsband.com/music/. we hope you like it!

watch to your heart’s content: https://vimeo.com/177790147

P.S. the unfamiliar face that appears throughout these clips is our friend Gus – (thanks for featuring your good-egg head and smiling all the way through this video. yr the best).

with love,



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