something good

something good is the collective thoughts, ideas and experiences of three canberra girls. together we’re something good.


my name is maddy. i like yoko ono poems and lying on the ground. sometimes i write for the le sigh, but most of the time i’m trying to avoid eye contact with you. buzzfeed once told me i was 50% dog – i wasn’t surprised.


my name is charlie and the things that make me happy are cooking, eating and being outside. i like dogs and plan to move to Scandinavia one day to teach in a forest kindergarten. buzzfeed ranks me as 75% grandma and i think i’m happy about it.


my name is aayushi and all i want is for things to feel magic. i think mostly all i love and all i do is tied to that feeling you get when you watch big fish or when it’s nighttime and it’s quiet and you hold your breath so it’s totally completely silent. buzzfeed said that i’m 75% kardashian and my core aim is to make up that 25% deficit and reach my full potential.

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